I made business cards

I was touched by how much people liked my canoe tumblr, so I decided to create a blog to share some of my projects.   I have practiced as an amateur woodworker (with significant interludes) since 1999.  After sending out e-mails to friends and combing the digital memory of various electronic storage devices I put together a collection of some of the stuff I have made.  By posting final projects I have been able to skip over all of the projects that found their way into the fire heap (my failed solar oven par example).  It is amazing to see how my style and skill has changed over time, admittedly not always in a steady march of progress but hopefully generally in the right direction.

This blog sets out to capture the process of how  things were made.  I am including two very different things within this  definition; on the one hand process includes the techniques and tools used to craft the project.  More and more it has become important to me to learn traditional techniques, and craft pieces with hand tools.  On the other hand, the process includes the people and laughs who contributed to the piece’s true final shape.  It has meant so much to me not only to see my projects come to life but also share the excitement of learning and creating with so many people that I like.  Understanding process in these two way sometimes means I am writing for different audience, but I believe it more fully explains why woodworking has given my life so much.

It will sort of be a work in progress as I write (and eventually proof-read) snarky narratives for each of the pieces. I will try and stay on top of it and post projects as I complete them or stumble upon photos lost in the deep recesses of my computer’s memory.’

For what its worth – these are my favorite projects:

Matthew Rae, 2013

IMG_0260[1]  IMG_0747

Portland, Or – 2007/2008

IMG_6129 IMG_5404

Washington, DC – 2011

IMG_7268   IMG_6503[1]

Washington, DC – 2012


Washington DC, 2013



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