Grease Pot – Walnut – 2018

For Season 37 of the wood wright shop, Roy Underhill reran some classic episodes.  I took this as a hint that I should catch up on past projects, while waiting for Season 38.   One of these projects was this little grease pot.   Roy uses his for mutton tallow, a traditional  lubricant for the the bottom of planes.  Its a pretty slick design.  I have tons of walnut cut-offs already at dimension from my bedside table.

It is a three step dance to open this box.

Step 1: rotate the top catch

Step 2: Slide back the second lid

Step 3: Now with clearance from the dovetail – rotate the lid

I had some left over muscle wood from this spoon – I cut off a strip and than pared it into a dovetail.



2 thoughts on “Grease Pot – Walnut – 2018

  1. Thank you not only for this wonderful post but for giving me the actual box. I know it is for grease, but I am using it as a treasure box for my special ring.

  2. Hi, Matt,
    I hope you and your family enjoyed your vacation.
    If you are still willing to make the “chubby pottery ribs”, I would love to purchase them from you. I can send the dimensions again. Please email me at : Or you could leave a message on my phone: 202-364-1060.
    I hope to hear from you soon,
    Roberta Hollander
    Washington, DC

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