Kitchen Step stool – Oak and Cherry – 2017

For Revati

_DSC0747 _DSC0755 _DSC0759

Its a time tested design – and I just happened to have pieces that could work.  No longer will Revati have to fetch her caring partner to retrieve paper towels or more importantly champagne glasses from the upper cabinets.  This was the fastest way to increase our kitchen storage options.  I designed the first step to be exactly the difference between my 6’2″ and her aspirational 5’4″.  If she were any higher she would be looking down on me!  The design is a rift on the classic shaker design – any alterations were errors or trying to get at much width out of the boards that I had

Simple dovetail design – I used dividers to lay them out.  I think I have settled on this ratio of tails to pins.


The pin board looks sort of like a fort.

One whack of the mallet too many!  When test fitting dovetails (which may been too snug) I cracked the whole board!  After a few improvisational expressions , I fastened a cross brace on that side.


At first I thought of doing a minaret shape for the cut out – Rev sided with a more traditional arch.  I got a lot of slack from David for using both hands on the same handle.

Rev – keep reaching higher!


One thought on “Kitchen Step stool – Oak and Cherry – 2017

  1. You are right: It is such a proofen design. The step stool itself is such a useful helper in household. That’s amazing! I first saw one of this kind (but from metal and plastics) in the use of my grandmother. Then my mother had a more fancy one, but not my style. I bought one (in my pre-woodworking-time, as an excuse…) from ikea, that copies the basic idea of this shaker stepper and works good in every case, I can’t complain.
    I like the look of yours.
    I’d have fixed the broken part, too. In the end, your step stool is more solid now.
    Thank you for that reminder of functional, timeless, beautiful, handmade design!

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