Bathroom Cabinet – Red Oak – 2016

So home repair sort of sucks.  Between cutting granite and drywall my shop has been buzzing with activity but the tools I want to be using having been sitting on the shelves.  Ruffles, Rev and I are back in Philadelphia and I needed a project to get back in the groove of woodworking.  I wouldn’t say I have an extensive morning grooming routine, but when I want to find my Claritin or Neosporin I hate rummaging through our bathroom closet to find it.  This bathroom cabinet holds all the necessities in a narrow cabinet and uses up some of the oak floor boards left over from the floor installation in the kitchen.


The doors are frame and panel construction with ceiling tiles serving as the panels.


After a couple of months without woodworking I didn’t get ambitious until my second set of  dovetails; eventually I built up the courage and tried pins which taper to a single saw kerf.  I used some left over scraps from my dulcimer project to frame the tiles with walnut.  This made the oak flooring just wide enough to securely hold the tile.  There is a special sort of satisfaction in getting the wood you have left over to work for you.



Inside I am going to clip all the photographs that end up my way from postagram.  I can track all of rev’s travels on my commute between the bathroom and the homeoffice.


The adjustable shelves work to hold all my grooming and first aid supplies, with an emphasis on the latter.


One thought on “Bathroom Cabinet – Red Oak – 2016

  1. I know the feeling regarding the home repairs vs. woodworking. Don’t know if you’re following my blog but after 6 months of carving only and now the new home in Phoenix I’ve resolved myself to the fact that re-doing my shop is now MY PROJECT! The previous owner did a sub-standard job so it’s up to me to get it up to snuff. Making progress but would rather be working with planes and chisels than skill saws, electrical wires, and drywall!

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