Reproduced-Reproduced Colonial Side Table – White Oak – 2016

Some where along the way my father acquired a book optimistically named “Colonial Furniture Making for Everybody”.  As far as I know it is the only woodworking book he has ever owned.  At this point, some thirty years or more later,  the pages are mostly frail, the paper is aged and at least a dozen of its project live in my parents’ home.  The piece that stands out in my mind, is a smart end-table.  As long as I can remember it’s stored the day’s newspaper, completed crosswords and all the other artifacts that collect near the reading chairs of curious people.


My father’s side table in pine – looking pretty spiffy for a table thats been standing tall for 25 years or so.

_DSC0176 _DSC0181

I cut a more drastic curve into the arms than the original plans.  I changed some of the joinery but followed the spirit of it all.  I also scaled the table to about three-quarters size; that just happened to be the largest board I had and well the smaller size is better suited for the requirements of the urban apartment




The base is attached to the arms with a lapped-dovetail joint.  I used a router plane to ensure a tight fit.  Now the challenge is clearing out the books that collect here periodically enough to preserve order, to keep Revati happy.



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