Some Turnings


A simple joiner no more.  It’s a huge world out there and I am expanding my little part of it.  By coincidence or happenstance, this year I am focusing  all the woodworking skills outside the essential problem of joining two boards together.  A couple of weeks ago, I took a course on 16th century carving with Peter Follansbee.  As a house-warming present  Aaron Dibner-Dunlap got me a gift certificate for the Philadelphia Furniture Workshop and I put it use on a wood turning course with Mario Rodriguez.  The class really was a revelation – there are so many design elements


This is called a pummel and is not all that easy.

_DSC0080 image image

I turned two carvers mallet.  A step up from my first attempted at a turned mallet.



I turned two french door openers – if the need ever arrises I can hold zombies out with style



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