Lisa and David’s Wedding Box – Marblewood/Walnut – 2015

For Lisa Lewis and David Runco

When cut or sanded marble-wood has the worst of aromas.  It took a special project to use up all the pieces I had aquired.  In celebration of my dear’s friends marriage, I made a jewelry box for playbills, knick knacks and all of the chunky bracelets they acquire in their grand adventure.  In a picturesque and wholly appropriate warehouse, my dear friend Lisa Lewis married David Runoco.  From milliner to actresses to playwright – Lisa has always had an evolving set of aspirations and I am thrilled that David’s story has become intertwined with hers.

The detail work in the box was no small undertaking, the night before I originally planned to present my work, the night burned on as I rapidly rounded edges.

2014-03-29 18.03.45 2014-03-29 18.05.29

Mitered-dovetails – I am pretty happy with the thin pins in these joints. The lid is comprised of a raised panel, fitted into a frame.  I used a tongue-and-groove plane to establish the fit.  I wrestled this design for awhile, trying to make the wood on my shelf fit the aspirations in my mind. Also, raised panels are just sort of fun.


I have been using Megan Fitzpatrick’s divider method for laying out dovetails, in this case I lucked out and ended up with pins pretty close to my 1/4 chisel at the the base of the pin and an 1/8 at top. While marble-wood is hard it was actually fairly easy to dovetail in and of course, it allowed me to include a card with the pun,”may your marriage be tightly fit together”

2014-03-29 18.04.31 2014-03-29 17.59.05

There is an interlocking set of dividers inside the box.  For the first time, I finished the inside of the box before the glue-up and than attached a suede covering to floor.  Seems so luxurious!  The hard part was keep saw dust out between the time I made it and the time I presented the gift.

2014-03-29 18.05.01  FullSizeRender  IMG_1625-0

The box has a walnut tray that floats above the dividers.  I re-sawed a pretty gnarly piece of walnut from 1 inch down to 3/8ths.  At first I thought that I would have a live-edge lid but progress was impeded when the panel saw ran face first into a six inch knot.  After that, I had a mid-project redesign and elected to use these pieces for the floating tray instead.  Notice the incredible reflection in grain of the tray.  If I keep resawing boards like this I am going to have one really strong arm.

FullSizeRender (1)

Turns out there is a pretty  skimpy selection of lid stays for small boxes.  I wanted a stay which had a soft landing as well as limited the full extension of the hinge but I am not sure there was a good choice.  Eventually I settled on this beautiful brass stay – which is mortised into the side.  After all of this work using traditional tools, I ended up epoxying in the hinge;  I guess thats how the saying goes, something new, something old.

Congratulations guys.

IMG_1607 IMG_1604


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