Frames – Mixed Woods – 2014:2015

Over the last couple of months I have been recruited to help on a couple of framing projects.  Grouping all these projects together into a single post really puts into perspective what a great year it has been.

 Yellow Pine

And so the day finally arrived; months after Clara and I agreed to exchange a table for a painting, the artwork finally arrived.  Revati and my abode feels all the warmer because of it.  Clara nailed not only the aesthetic sensibility but the content as well; Jason deCaires Taylor, is an artist who drops concrete sculptures into the sea to create habitat for sea life made homeless by vanishing coral.  The sculptures, including this guy hunched over a desk are simultaneously a comment on where we as a civilization have found ourselves. (highly recommend this video).  I was extremely touched by such an extraordinary artistic gift, as well as the sweet gesture behind it all.  And thus it needed a home – I hand cut this yellow pine frame.  To true up the miters, I used the shooting board to plane somewhat exact corners.  The miters are reinforced with dowels.  I cut a slight bevel on the inside portion of the frame with an antique skewed rabbet plane.

image IMG_1110

Nandini’s Block Print

Clara and I tackled two frames over the winter – the first was a small frame for a block print.  Nandini’s joie de vivre  is a blessing for those who have the pleasure of knowing her, but a curse for her ability to keep track of her possessions.  To save Clara’s block print for posterity, we made a simple rabbeted frame out of was spalted tamarind, purchased as garden stakes for just a couple of bucks at a local hardware store.  The block print is hand carved rendition on Grey’s Peak in Colorado.


Clara’s Pacific Crescent Trail Map

The second frame Clara and I tackled was her big win at this year’s secret Santa: a huge map of the pacific coast trail.  Visitors to Clara’s home can now long for all of the greener pastures , between the Rockies and Joshua Tree as they sit on her toilet.

20150308_165801 20150308_165619


Clara used the plow plane to clear out the space for the glass.  I have to say this is a project where I am glad that we followed the maxim measure twice – cut once.

 Ritika’s Refurbished Frame

Back from far away places Ritika had a new home in the District and was looking to express her style and vision through new mediums.  As an introduction to the endless possibilities wood offers we made a small frame out of an old piece of molding.


Props to her for cutting the joints with a very dull miter saw.


The frame was held square by a framing jig which provides clamping pressure from the center to ensure that the frame is more rectangular than polygon.


Carefully, Ritika’s used a pin gun to fasten the miters together.


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