Small mallet- ash and oak – 2015

With more wooden planes taking up residence in my shop I made a small mallet for adjusting their blades.  The whole thing is held together by a tapered mortise and tenon.  In a pinch or more likely in the case that I am feeling fidigity, a simple tap would releases the head from the handle.  The head is an ash burl which turned out to be softer than I expected, but much of its future work is going to be tapping and not striking so I think it will perform just fine..  The handle is white oak despite the red oak stain.

image IMG_2198

If this small mallet doesn’t do the trick – I just made a  new 20 pounds monster mallet out of black gum.  After a year of service my hickory one left its last impression on my froe.


One thought on “Small mallet- ash and oak – 2015

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