Pottery Display Case – Pine – 2014

For Camille Morin
In preparation for the holiday craft show season- Camille needed a trunk worthy of her wares.  After building up an inventory of pottery which just screams with personality – she is  taking a spin in the uncertain but potentially very exciting waters as a full time potter.  As a potter she’s kiln it.  Check out her stuff here – its really cool.  I was enlisted to build a bookcase which would both transport and show off her pieces in style.


finished pottery cabinet

This project broke with my my traditionalist approach – I used fasteners to join pine boards.  One of the shelves are fixed and the others float.  Camille added the paint – a darker inside provides a contrast against the porcelain.  She added a set of wheels so she could roll the chest to and from.  Sometimes its nice to skip the joinery and knock out a construction project!


 closed open


I Tom Sawyered Anne E in painting the chest before driving me to the airport.  A quick coat of paint is never that – and after all that she ended up on the other side of the camera.  Thanks friend!


Taking advantage of one of the warmer days to get a coat of paint.  Turns out there is more surface area than you would expect.


Update:  Check out the AWESOME – coffee pot she made me?

IMG_1826 IMG_1827 IMG_1828



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