A couple of spoons #2 – Mixed Woods – 2014

You may remember that early this year I decided to give spoon carving a chance.  I finally got around to getting three spoons out of a drawer giving them a  swipe of 220 and a coat of linseed oil.  Two of the spoons were blanks that came with a set of knives I got for my mother – the other I fastened from tree to vessel with just an ax and blade.


Basswoood – my!  what a joy to carve after slicing and dicing through some much harder woods.  Carved as a demonstration project for my mom during my latest trip to canada.  I made an extra effort to get a nice shawdow line along the handle.  I also worked on consistent thickness across the bowl.


Birch – another learning spoon cut off a blank that came with my knife set.  The grain pattern runs beautifully through the center of the spoon.

20140608-120804.jpg  20140608-120814.jpg

On a brief respite during my last trip to Portland – I limbed a branch off a tree that Brian was clearing to make way for some fruit trees.  At least this segment will last for posterity as my new ice cream scoop/rice server/slop disher-outer.  I am glad the bright red really came out of this wood because it was a tough species to carve.  Initially I had a much thicker decorative handle, but despite using peter follansbee’s potato method cracks formed.  Through a little investigation I discovered that the wood had some hollow veins in it – I brought the handle down to a thinner albeit less stunning shape.

2014-09-05 10.47.35


When canoeing cypress creek a tributary of the Roanoke river in North Carolina, our path was blocked by a fallen tree.  Wading through the murky waters and swimming snakes, David and I bucked a portion on the log so that we could pass. After setting up camp we carved the wood into spoons for our dinner.  Back in DC, I sanded the spoon down and was honored to give it to Adriana Koheler on the occasion of her birthday.


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