Bathroom Cabinet – Pine – 2014

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I would think a lot more about the presidential medal of freedom if this guy was walking around with it underneath his chin rather than Dick Cheny and Frederick Von Hayek.  At the very least, Roy Underhill is a hero of mine, not just because he is a master craftsmen with a flair for teaching but also because he has a feel for mindfulness which when achieved in life or in our shared medium leads to a bunch of satisfying results.  After hours of being prodded to watch old episodes of the woodwright shop – Revati enrolled me in one of Roy’s classes at the Lie-Nielsen factory in mid-coast Maine.  Boy – what a treat – a washed in light, I had the chance to use every tool they make, honed and tuned for  glorious results.


The workshop appropriately named classic joinery – and among other things included a frame and panel door, complete with a raised panel.  Rather than leaving the door as an unfinished example piece, I set forth to dovetail a small bath room vanity around it.  While I have more tools than the average joe,  my toiletries are a little more minimalist.  At first I thought to place the cabinet in my bathroom,  until I had the depressing realization that it would be a tight fit.  I cut six-dovetails on each side of the carcasses and re-sawed a shelf to 3/8ths of an inch.  I used a skewed rabbet plane to do most of the heavy lifting on the panel


My friend Doan Nguyen gave me these awesome snail drawer pulls.


Another project cleared out of the shop.


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