Carvers Mallet – Hickory – 2014

 With Nick Jarmuzewski


Last week,  Nick and I set out to get his grandfather’s lathe spinning.  This was my first turn at the lathe so some combination of Nick’s intuition and youtube videos acted as our guide.  Despite my recent pledges to stick with furniture and not take on allied crafts or skills, the constant stream of chips flying from the work to the floor converted me; turning really is fun!  Even though this was more about getting our hands dirty (and seemingly everything else in Nick’s shop) we did create some awesome carver’s mallets.  A mere 4 hours later, the mallet was in use, and a small mishap with my brother an axe gave it an antique feel.



We started with a chunk of the hickory tree that I cut down last year.  We wedged it into a couple of pieces.  After a couple of minutes of bringing the cubist shape into a more symmetrical round we decided to use the chain saw to get a little closer before resorting to the lathe.


I am applying bevel down to work the log into something a little more consistent.  Providing a stable hand close to the blade seemed to be a key to this.


Some of the unexpected joys of turning – we expedited sanding and finishing by applying both directly to the spinning mallets.  After we were finished, I took a cross cut saw and separated the two mallets.


IMG_1079 IMG_1094

Two clubs – mine has the liberty bell curve, his has more of a hollow.  It was a pretty awesome day – it was nice to spend an afternoon in Nick’s blossoming shop as well as taking turns turns swapping ideas and spinning out with them.




3 thoughts on “Carvers Mallet – Hickory – 2014

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