A couple of Boxes – Cherry/Walnut/Poplar

As a gentle reminder not to take on too much, David inscribed all of my unfinished projects on to the white board hanging above my bench.  There may be something to the checklist manifesto and all that – or maybe just I am inflicted with an impulse to finish stuff – either way I have been working to clear out all of the little projects hanging from my ceiling and tucked behind shelves.  I got to take my wins where I can get them.  Here are two little box projects which I cleared out!

Live-Edge Walnut – Recipe Box: 2012:2014

by Sarah Sladen

 20140525-010131.jpg 20140525-010146.jpg

Starting a new year – Sarah sought to take on a new craft – with a kind e-mail and the largest bag of chocolate chip cookies I have ever seen I was enlisted to help.  For an introductory project Sarah built a small dovetail-box.  After a small mishap with marking – we did a mini-redeisgn and used a the live-edge walnut lid (leftover from clara) to hold her recipe, notecards, business cards or other treasures safely stowed away.  Through a scattering of weekends during the last two years – including some of the coldest – I showed her the allure and magic of  hand cut dovetails in soft poplar as she caught me up to speed on the hardest issues in international conflict resolution and youth development.  She had the harder job.  Not a bad way to spend an afternoon and not bad for a jumping off point for many projects to come.


Usually i post a photo of a project in-process – but it seems like the only one I can find I already posted here: and this picture of Sarah with an axe is bad ass anyway.


Walnut Spline box: 2012:2014


20140525-010201.jpg 20140525-010212.jpg 20140525-010219.jpg


End-grain can rip when you plane in its direction – and at some point one grows wary of striving for the perfect eleven groove box.   This is the last of the wood I prepared for the tsunami of weddings which filled my work calendar last year.  This walnut and cherry box – is joined with eight cherry splines cut along the miter.  A cherry molding runs through the center and a sliding shelf can be pushed and pulled to reveal the contents below.  I used my rip saw to slice the space for the spline – and than my smallest chisel (1/8) to clear out the waste.   It is finished in two coats of danish oil.  Like a bunch of other projects it was moved from a dusty corner of my shop where it sat  for the last year to the finishing sander in the wake of my completion of the jewelry box.  Now it has its finishing touches – it just needs a calling.






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