Pottery: Pots, Mugs and Bowls #2 – 2014

I took refuge from the winter months and the cold breeze in my bedroom and workshop alike, next to the warm glow of the kiln at Hinkley Pottery Studios (you can see some of the successes and failures of my first couple of sessions here).  Jennryn joined me in my Sisyphean struggle to achieve center in life and in form, although yet again I ended up with bowls which were more conceptual than platonic in shape.  The wonderful part of pottery is while the hands of the potter are never lost – the union of glaze and luck (or the gods if that’s your persuasion) does a hell of a lot to make stuff look fantastic.  Easy fixes in wood stand out under finishes, where fixes in pottery are covered in a layer of glazes and in my case topped with the remnants of unfinished coffee.



First things first, I used a jig saw, a file and a lot of sandpaper to make a chubby rib – a tool for rounding the bottoms of pots as you throw them.  Its the only chubby rib I have.  I passed this prototype on to the capable hands of mike pappas.  A renewed life for a scrap of oak which was on the fast track to the burning pile.


photo (6) photo (7)

In order to satiate David’s unbridled enthusiasm for spreadable butter and warm bread – I tried my hand at a french butter dish.  The base is filled with water, the lid is stuffed with butter – when they come together a seal is formed and butter can live on your counter without going rancid.  This project pushed my skill set by requiring that I match the lids to the bottoms as well as throw the infamous chip and dip form.



In recommending this glaze combination mike said it looked like a sombrero.



I spent some time working on larger bowls.  Clumsily, I bent one of them when wrapping it in plastic – I swear it was perfect before that!


20140405-103330.jpg  20140419-131112.jpg

Mugs and bowls in light blue matte and ice-crackle.  Notice how the glaze breaks in the mug.  I think that is really cool.  I spent a little more time this session on making more delicate handles (which you conveniently can’t tell from this photo).





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