Mallet – Maple/Walnut – 2014


A success of the DC-woodworking meet-up!  I started the project in a flurry of activity at our meet-up and than tuned it up on my own.  In the midst of a bunch of unfinished  projects it was nice to get something done.  It is also really nice to use a homemade mallet.

Originally I though to do sliding dovetails but I expedited the process by settling on a simple wedged-mortise.  I hand cut the mortise with a chisel but used a band saw for the tenon.  The head is cut at a 87 degree angle.   The handle was shaped with a spokeshave – rather than shaping the shaft round I tried for pronounced faces.  I elected to round the top of the head but keep the overall shape largely square.  Any one have strong opinion on whether I should fasten leather to the striking face?


IMG_0242  20140405-023121.jpg


This is obviously a mallet for more delicate work.  But hey – I still have a hickory mallet that looks like a face for rougher work.



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