Iphone holder – walnut and padauk – 2013

For Revati Prasad by  Revati Prasad

In my quest to pay off all my debts from Septemberance & Octoberity,  I helped Revati build an iPhone holder to proudly show off her apparat with a little bit of old-world skill.  I am as shocked as you are that the phone wouldn’t be permanently fastened to her finger tips.  We borrowed a piece of walnut from clara (thanks/sorry) –  Beveled each edge with a miter saw and block plane – and then cut a groove for the phone to sit in.   The block we selected, shows off the bark of the tree, and an amazing grain pattern as the wood changes from a purplish tone to a creme colour in the outer rings.

2013-11-10 23.17.41 2013-11-10 23.17.27

The phone gently rests in a groove and than lies back on the wedges.  Why the “M” shaped backstop? – I swear that was a thoughtful design consideration and not simply attaching random scraps I had lying around – whatever  – it looks neat either way.  Also – notice the picture of a picture of the iPhone holder – how meta.

2013-11-10 16.37.01  2013-11-10 16.42.50

Revati, very, very, very slowly cutting the mortise for the iPhone.  She is following a line she scored with a knife with a chisel and then cleaning the bottom with a router plane.  My god those sexy layered banes help her sassy glances but are no aid when trying to see a pencil line.

2013-11-10 21.19.01

My favorite tool!  A router plane has a flat surface and then various blades that allow you to cut fairly short grooves and mortises progressively deeper.  We used the router plane to cut a groove in the bottom of the stand so the cord can exit the back of the piece and it can sit flat of a table.

2013-11-10 23.18.06 2013-11-10 23.18.09

The first photo captures Revati realizing that she is having her photo taken – the second is her lightning fast reflex to get into a picture-perfect pose.  Also, the final product before we applied a danish oil.  Oh oil and its ability to cover up everything that goes wrong.  The hole is where the power cord is inserted into the bottom of the phone.  Notice the cool outer bark.

2013-11-10 23.02.53

If you are going to sweep you can come over any time you want.  I think she was sort of horrified by how quickly the shop got messy, and even more horrified by how quickly she got messy.


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