Pottery: Pots, Mugs and Bowls


I have been doing classes at Hinkley Studio with an amazing potter Mike Pappas

December 2013



November 2013


I learned handles! Who knew that coffee could taste better.

November 2013


Gift for Jennryn – cereal bowl – I wish remembered what this glaze combination was.

October 2013


Working on making the bottom of my bowls rounder – enter the chubby rib.

December 2012


Experimenting with new glazes.


December 2012


Things have gone square.

November 2012


Thinking about alms bowl shapes

Thanks to Alina for the tip on the bright BLUE glaze combination. And my friend Matt Bieber – who is always an inspiration.

May 2012


Trying out layering glazes. Its sort of a leap of faith – you are never quite sure what will emerge.

November 2011

IMG_7244[1] IMG_5884

First sessions of pottery – working on form – its hard enough to get your life centered little lone bringing a lump of earth along with you.



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