Frame for Anthony Damico

With Anthony Damico – 2013


Check out anthony’s blog post – I put together the frame and mat; Anthony’s ma did the painting.

IMG_8816 IMG_8817

Put together another frame and mat for photos of anthony’s grandparents. That is two dapper gents and a classy lady right there – see the family resemblance. I am honored that anthony has elected to make two of the half dozen possession this guy owns to be things that I made. Also, how is it that someone that is so productive on this end of an R terminal, is so useless on either end of a screwdriver. I used a compound miter saw for the cuts, used my centering jig to get the thing square and than used pins to hold it all together. Although I will miss him like hell one plus of Anthony moving out of his office is that I wouldn’t be reminded that I bought cheap glass which reflects a lot of light.



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