Screen Printing

With Aaron and Adriana in 2013

IMG_8795 IMG_8803 IMG_8800 IMG_8814

As sort of a gut check -twenty or so of us are participating in Septemberance and Octoberity – a month long pledge to cut down our drinking.  We are limited to eight drinks for the months, but those drinks are transferable on a digital market.   With a government shut down putting John Boehner on TV more than usual and a trip to the container store in recent memory I expected burning through my tickets in no time.  Aaron and I traded Adriana screen printed shirts for her competitive karaoke team “Duelly Noted” for two tickets.  We got through 10 shirts when I messed up the screen – so we ended up commiserating over a beer – down a ticket, up a drink.  Above, Adriana and I printing the shirts, also sporting Aaron’s design at the pub.

With Brian and Nandini in 2009

IMG_1661   IMG_2074

The haidi gwaii shirt was in honour of david and brians epic kayaking trip to northern canada.

With Nandini and Revati, 2009

IMG_2072   IMG_1856

A photocopy of my espresso machine (before an unfortunate fire took her from me prematuraly)

Devin D sporting a very fine looking hand plane shirt

Stamping – with my Mom



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