Music Boxes – Fir – 2013

With Brian and David, For Lucas


David setting the beat.


Holy moly – Since Brian set-up a shop he has been producing; and producing some amazing things. After completing a bar and taking on a garden bench he proposed that we do a joint project for our nephew – Lucas. This set of wooden boxes each produce a different sound when struck – hopefully giving Lucas hours of fun without too much stress for his parents. I wouldn’t quite call it melodic, but none of the Rae clan is.

2013-09-18 18.58.16 IMG_8733

Brian milled, and planed refurbished fir stock to size. Amazing how wood scraps can come a live with a little inspiration. Also – such a wonderful sight to see stock emerging from a little lubed and hopefully sharp planer blades.


I mitered the corners, than used a pin gun to assemble the boxes. The pins are so small they virtually disappear when shot into the wood. I clearly have lost sight of the purity of my hand tools only ways. Also, remarkably I only sent one pin through the front face accidentally – oops.

2013-09-18 20.57.46 2013-09-18 21.23.51

David, fashioned the drum sticks and attached the top.

2013-09-20 23.20.13 IMG_8710 2013-09-21 20.02.52

I used 3/4 inch ply wood for a base. I used a coping saw to cut a gradual curve in the base. I than used an old fashion plane from an antique store to round the edges of the base. Alot of this project was tapping the boxes over and over again, trying to decided how to improved the sound – I figured the based would give it a little more ompf.

2013-09-21 21.19.32

Add a chamfer (45% angle) to the edges of the boxes – both for style as well as in anticipation that our future drummer may not be the most dexterous at the tender age of two.

2013-09-23 21.02.05 2013-09-23 21.02.17 2013-09-23 22.49.39

Mixed linseed oil with oil paints to tint the finish into kid colours. I am really impressed that this worked, I got the inspiration from one of my favorite pieces at the MET. Unbelievably, I managed to not get oil paint on anything too dire- although I did spend a minute cleaning it off my iphone before making a call. Special thanks to Clara, who tapped into years of colour theory and provide a little nuance to my third grader understanding that mixing paints would give me the colours that I wanted.

Play on in harmony


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