Projects with Walnut’s Rougher Side – 2013 – With/for Clara Funk


I advised Clara as she put together these two projects.  My advice, “god damn it; this would be easier if we had a square side”.  The wood displays some incredible walnut grain.  The bowtie, is a piece of trash wood from the alley behind my shop –  I am super impressed with how it looks and how it holds the crack together.  The best part of this project was the constant anguish on clara’s face as she measured, remeasured, examined, measured and than breathed deeply before cutting.



More exposed walnut.  Tenons hold the mirror together in key points.  Remarkably, this mirror lived in the shop for months without me falling victim to seven years of bad luck, namely a nasty stare from Clara and a bunch of broken shards in my trash heap.  Also, the grain around the knot changes directions more times than mitt romney’s politics – we hit quite a few snares in planing it down.

IMG_20130714_202854 IMG_20130714_185257  IMG_20130728_204902


3 thoughts on “Projects with Walnut’s Rougher Side – 2013 – With/for Clara Funk

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