Sofa Table – From Refurbished Ceiling Joists – Pine – 2013

photo (7)  photo 5

I am nesting.  At least I am trying to arrange my space.  So rather than designing to uphold some aesthetic principle I got the power planer, power drill and power saw and set out to fashion a convenient space to hid my hockey skates.  Finally I was able to cash in on the mad rush to gentrify DC — I found some 2*10’s in a dumpster in front of the homeless shelter currently being converted into condos.  It took a little digging around in the rubble, (and I did it holding a fancy coffee), but I managed to find some pretty useable piece.  Although very dirty pieces.  Note, I shouldn’t own nice clothes.  Fortunately in collecting the wood I only got cold stares from passerby and no heated words from construction workers.

photo 1 photo 2

I pulled alot of nails out of the wood.  Check out the old fashion vintage.

photo 1

Ran a power planer over them boards, hitting warps, bumps and nails along the way.

photo 5 photo 5 photo 1

The table will go behind the sofa in my room – so this may be the last time this thing is ever seen.  The next time this piece is visible to the eye, I will be pulling it out to burn at my good-bye party as I finally move on from 1719.  I used a cherry mini-wax stain.   Thanks megan for believing in my vision as a i rummaged around in the dumpster – also dragging this thing up and down the hill.


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