Sofa Table – Red Oak – 2013

IMG_7886 IMG_7885 IMG_7888

Finally installed the drawer pulls – not sure if I am in love with them and also not sure if I have the energy to switch them out.

2013-02-17 13.04.07

I initially drew out the pattern for the table with Aaron DD and Julia H en route to canvass for Obama in Richmond.  Six months later and I have a nice table to hold my drink, although no where to put my table.


The tiles are neat – i tracked them down at a mini factory outside of Fez, Morocco.  They ended up the bottom of the drawer, just waiting for a project to emerge.

IMG_7316  2013-02-17 20.51.28

This project required that I buy a really long clamp – I think I scared the hell out of some cars as I biked the clamps up to the shop.

IMG_7736  IMG_7737

Unfinished – Happy with my choice of a Red Oak finish – god I love how the grain of oak jumps

IMG_7738  IMG_7749

ta-da – finished – well sorta, the top isn’t flat which will drives me crazy and the drawer pulls are en route from Lee valley.  Hopefully my landlord is ok with all the finish drizzled on the driveway.

IMG_7755 IMG_7751  IMG_7746

I listened to white teeth on tape while working on this project – what an awesome book.  Really happy with the half blind dovetails, in the front and back of the drawer, although you will never see the ones in he back.  I got lucky and found an awesome piece of wood for the drawer fronts.



Thanks to David, who made the long walk down a very steep hill with the table.  We strapped it to a dolly and pulled down 11th street.  Earlier that day I tried to bike a tandem and hold another bike in my hand – needless to say I got a lot of worried stares in one day.


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