Revised Harvard Table – Poplar and Bamboo – 2013

   With Brian Rae For Brian Rae

David and I bought Brian a giant slap of bamboo for the woodworkingcoffee shop he was married at.  Damn right bamboo is twice as hard as oak – so Brian’s child will never learn the  tough lessons after using hard pencils on a soft pine table like I did at the tender age of seven.  This also, meant we didn’t spend alot of time planing and joining a table top.

  IMG_8079 IMG_7997 IMG_8048

The table in its new home.  The sumo feet allow someone to sit at the end of the table – the design was inspired by Roy Underhill, and the shakers of Northern Massachusetts.

IMG_8060  IMG_8043

Brian cutting the tenons with a table saw.  We cut the middle section of the tenon out with handsaws and than removed the waste with a chisel.


In addition to having intense mood lighting, this photo lets you see the strength of the piece, each leg intercepts the stretcher and the arms of the table at the single point.  When the arms are mortised in, the stretcher is locked in place for hopefully the next 100 years.


Laura figuring out the curves.


I guess you can say I am working.  Also, its really hard to take a selfie from this far away.


Applied a clear polyurethane to the legs to let the incredible green of the popular shine through.  The legs have a sort of milky glow.  Notice the through mortise on the legs, this was a heck of lot of work.  I should have built a jig for the router, instead of eyeing it.  We ended up planing the tenon to fit which was more work.


Finally attaching the legs to the base – you would be surprised how little effort we put into getting this center.

IMG_7999  IMG_7964

We had fierce discussions over which colour to stain the top.
Added a poplar molding around the table.  We attached it with pins, so after a couple of years of use, Brian and Laura can switch it up and attach a different molding if they choose.

IMG_8063  IMG_7948

Celebrating a successful weekend with a bottle of cider, and playing a game of cards on top of the two tables we made.  Also, an extraordinarily cute chicken.


Update:  Brian and Laura have been writing the names of all their friends who have shared a meal at the table on the underside.  Six months in and so many plates passed:

2014-03-03 12.07.05



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