Farmhouse Table – Reclaimed Lumber – 2013

with Brian Rae, For Brian Rae


Brian designed this nine foot farm table  to house dinners, parties and afternoon soirees for years to come.  We wiped it out in a couple of hours, most of which was us using a power planer!  oh, yeah – I used power tools this week.  There was a pretty impressive pile of shavings after running 64 feet of  2x4s through the machine.  All the pieces are joined with simple screws.  The bottom stretchers in both directions are connected by a lap joint.

IMG_7968  IMG_7954

Why is no one concerned about that random fire?  Also, isn’t this what its all about.


How else to celebrate a productive week – other then losing at scoupa upon the two tables you made!  Alas – never can win.  After to much of that beer, I am going to be sous la table rather than sur la table.

IMG_8073 IMG_7947  IMG_7936

Brian’s house – powertools!  Why are chickens so cute!  The spider web is the view from Brians garage to his backyard.


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