Rocking Chairs – Red Oak – 2008:2012

With Brian Rae, for Laura Koch &Nandini Gopinadh

photo 2    rocking  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

To the left is Nandini’s rocking chair to the right is Laura’s.

photo  IMG_8236 IMG_5609

During the November 2008 election, I flew to Portland and helped him rapid fire build rocking chairs.  Highlight – the Nest around 3 am, lowlight -trying to use a router jig to cut the rockers.  The chairs are stickley replicates and horribly uncomfortable.  I finally finished my rocking chair in 2012.  Note, the awesome leather on Nandini’s chair that we had dyed and prepped in Morocco.  One day I will finally get to getting the cushioned dialed in.

IMG_0751 IMG_0747 IMG_0162

IMG_5151  IMG_5091

The knob on Nandini’s rocking chair – looks awesome.  Here  I am with Nandini, assembling the chair in my bedroom.  This is when I decided that I really really need a shop.



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