New York – 2009 – Canadian style pecan pie – thats right real maple syrup.

IMG_7646    IMG_7649   IMG_7650

I made cookie cutters with friends (thanks cat!).  Notice the awesome sea lion pie – or the DC statehood pie.  After spending 30 hours in one weekend at the shop, I decided to make pies for the neighbors adjoining my shop.  If you don’t think those sealions are cute, – I just don’t know what to say!  Also, why didn’t I have the foresight have my co-pie chef to wear an apron?


Pie for Pie – notice the magic number crusted on.  I made this with my mom in hopes of screen printing it



2011 – Onion soup pie – so good.

IMG_5086 IMG_5956


An amazing cherry pie, my entry into the 2012 Kaiser Family Foundation Christmas Bake-off.  Notice the candle which I put on with powder sugar – powder sugar still in my office,



Pies for memorial day 2012


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