Wedding Boxes – 2008 & 2010 – Mahogany – With Peter Rae

With Peter Rae, for Shawn and Andrea Rae

My father and I put this box together in Portland before making the epic trip to Shawn’s wedding in Thunder Bay. The box is made up of two trays and has a nice home-made molding on the lid and base. While I am committed to tradition woodworking techniques, Shawn is holding on to another lineage of a by-gone day – wearing a watch. This box was intended to holding four watches. My father cut one set of the dovetails using a coping saw, and I did the other with a chisel – embarrassingly his ended up fitting together a lot straightened. Also, if you are ever in Thunder Bay (a though which probably didn’t cross your mind until this very moment) – check out this place with Finnish pancakes. Thanks to Rob Wardwell for the awesome wood scraps

IMG_0457 IMG_0450 IMG_0447

With Peter Rae, For Brian Rae and Laura Koch

My father and I used the scraps from Shawn’s box to make one for Brian’s wedding. Guest to the wedding filled out circulation cards from a library which were than deposited in the box as a signature of their presence. Also, amazing wedding at this coffee shop/woodworking store in Portland. There was an open bar on espresso – finally a chance to even the score with Brian for the dozens of beers I have bought him over the years. Notice the grain on this box runs vertical. It is joined with dovetails. We made a special effort to ensure that the grain ran consistently around the box.





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