Firewood box – Birch Plywood – 2007



Somewhere deep on my parent’s book shelves was “Back to Basics: How to Learn and Enjoy Traditional American Skills.”  Buried in its pages are all the skills you would ever need to survive the zombie apocalypse or even avoid detection from the NSA.  You can even do it with style – enjoying home-made butter and liquors.  The book has the spirit of the 70’s back to the land movement, including the sage advice to always keep some horse bones around in case you run out of glue and want to boil up some more.  I took this project from the book, initially bending roofer nails through the brackets to hold together the birch.  I found it a little wobbly and eventually resorted to putting some bolts in key spots to give it strength.  David and I bought the axe for Brian to celebrate his home purchase and in anticipation of building some truly epic (read: not quite reckless) fires at his new home.  It is a truly incredible tool – a Swedish forester ax from Gransfors Bruks.


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