Record Box – Mahogany and Walnut – 2006

With David Rae, for Brian Rae

DSCN0959   DSCN0961

David and I made matching record boxes simultaneously to doing our first stats class.  It was a great month.  The walnet is a real wood veneer – david uses his box as a desk as well.  The bottom is designed to hold records and the top holds the player.  The design was sketched on a napkin in Yosemite in 2005.  I gave my box to Brian to celebrate his wedding with the following plaque:

April 9th, 2011
The 810th day of the Barack Obama Presidency and the 375th day since the passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Let April 9th serve as a lasting testament to our struggle for a fairer and freer world

Let every April 9th hereafter bear record to the dovetailing of Brian Alexander  and  Laura Louise  together in partnership. Let April 9th serve as a lasting testament to their commitment


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